Control and safety
in ozone disinfection processes

Intuitive, state-of-the-art technology for a comprehensive management of your ozone generators, their performance, effectiveness and the safety of the disinfected environment.

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iOzone AIR

High-precision disinfection
for enclosed spaces.

The most efficient, discreet and elegant ozone generator on the market, with integrated iOzone technology that is simple to use, both manually and remotely with your Smartphone.

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iOzone CUBE

Fast and harmless disinfection
for small objects.

Phones, glasses, electronic or traditional keys…

The most effective and safe method to disinfect small items without damaging their properties.

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As many AIR’s as you need
managed from a single VISION

Program tasks, manage rooms, synchronize devices, optimize performance, maximize efficiency and increase safety in the disinfection processes with the iOzone integrated system.

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At iOzone we develop state-of-the-art technology and engineering to make the world's most powerful disinfectant a simple and safe option for everyone.


iOzone products are designed to integrate harmoniously into the space, both because of their small size and their aseptic and elegant design.


All our products and technologies are developed in Madrid, with locally sourced resources thereby minimizing the environmental footprint as well as creating sustainable ecosystems of qualified employment.

According to WHO, ozone is the most powerful disinfectant in the world, more effective than chlorine or bleach, and as such it must be used properly and safely.

Turn your facility into a safe place

The ozone controlled by iOzone is the only system that generates safe and clean environments with 99.9% efficiency, compared to purifying systems that simply remove bacteria, fungi and viruses without eliminating them.

Visualizes the level of cleanliness and safety of the space

iOzone's sensor technology monitors the disinfection process so that the ozone reaches every corner, in the recommended proportion and for the necessary time, and reports when the process has been completed and access is totally safe.

Customize your cleaning system

In iOzone we are developers and manufacturers, which allows us to create integral ecosystems of safe and efficient cleaning totally adapted to the needs of each space, each office, each hotel, each hospital... with personalized, simple and discreet systems for their management.

Safety is important.
They know that.

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