How does ozone works and why is it the most powerful disinfectant in the world?
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The most powerful disinfectant in the world

According to the World Health Organization, ozone is the most powerful disinfectant in the world. It turns out that a molecule that exists naturally in the atmosphere is the greatest antioxidant that exists, right now, on the planet. It is capable of destroying 99.9% of any type of microorganism, be it a bacterium, virus, fungus, mould…

Capable of destroying 99.9% of any type of microorganism, be it a bacterium, virus, fungus, mould…

The largest and most important sanitizing and protective task performed by this molecule takes place in the stratosphere, in what we know as the ozone layer. There, 25 km above sea level, ozone is responsible for purifying the air from the atmosphere and, above all, for filtering the ultraviolet rays of the Sun. In fact, if nothing would prevent those rays from reaching the earth’s surface, life on the planet would be impossible.


Use it as a disinfectant

But, unfortunately, ozone is not a type of substance that we can store in containers to use when we want, as we want, since it is a type of molecule that disintegrates with the simple exposure to light. In fact, it is the ease with which it self-destructs that allows humans to use it as a professional, industrial disinfectant and even, thanks to the new ozonating devices, also in domestic environments.

If ozone did not have the ability to disintegrate easily, its use would be totally inadvisable. Ozone is a substance harmful to health that affects the respiratory tract, causes irritation to the skin and eyes, and in the case of high and prolonged exposure it could favour premature aging of some internal tissues of our body. For this reason precisely, it is the most powerful disinfectant in the world and must be used as such, with all the required safety measures.

Ozone generator

To produce it artificially, we only need an ozone generator. With UNUA technology, these devices can be very small and discreet, and can be permanently installed in environments that require regular and regular disinfection.

The process that takes place inside the iOzone generators is the same that takes place in all ozonating devices and, of course, the one that is also produced in the ozonosphere by the action of UV rays on oxygen.

Basically, what these devices do is use electrical discharges to disjoin the two atoms that make up the oxygen we breathe (O2). Once these atoms are isolated, they naturally adhere to the O2 molecules that circulate through the air, generating an O3 molecule, that is, ozone.

As soon as this ozone comes into contact with a microorganism, its oxidative capacity destroys the cell membrane that covers it, penetrates its nucleus and damages its DNA or RNA, which represents the destruction of said organism.


An interval of approximately one hour

In an interval of approximately one hour, the simple interaction of light causes the third oxygen atom to detach from the molecule, reverting to completely healthy O2, without generating waste or altering the pH of food or water: its toxicity absolutely disappears.

In order to guarantee our clients that they will know the exact moment in which a space has become ozone-free, at UNUA we have developed iOzone Vision; a powerful but simple technology that makes the entire ozone formation and destruction process visible in deep disinfection processes.

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