iOzone protects particularly
sensitive sectors


We seek safe and COVID-19-free environments in hospitals, health centres, laboratories, and social and healthcare centres. We analyse each centre’s characteristics to design personalised systems that guarantee a deep and controlled disinfection, in the shortest amount of time, without the need of a specialist’s supervision.


Simple and fast disinfection, without the need for special equipment and products, for educational and administrative centres. Simply program the iOzone system to work at the end of each day. Every room in your centre will be free of dangerous microorganisms.


It guarantees the safety of each work shift, in factories, workshops and logistics centres, with the integral disinfection of iOzone. At UNUA we analyse the strategic points of each building so the ozone reaches every corner of your space, without the need for manual work, and at the highest possible speed.


It offers environments free of viruses, bacteria, fungi and all kinds of microorganisms that are harmful to health in hotels, restaurants, bars or leisure centres. With iOzone GLOBAL you can manage the disinfection of each room independently. Add CUBE to your iOzone GLOBAL pack and disinfect keys, cards and any other type of small, commonly used item.


Thoroughly disinfect your workplace, every day. It reduces the viral load in the air and on all surfaces, without the need for manual cleaning tasks and without the use of polluting or dangerous products. Just connect your iOzone system and you will protect every worker’s health.


iOzone guarantees COVID-19-free spaces, using smart and elegant technology, adaptable to any environment. Eliminate the virus not only from the establishment or shopping centre, but also from all the articles it contains, eliminating the worry about possibly infected products.